Special bearings

Tailor-made solutions

Our bearings can be made with an inner ring with the function of a simple spacer and, for special applications, in the following variations:

All the variations shown and any other can, on request, be assembled with any type of external profile; some of the most popular are given below:

As regards the use of special materials, we are able to meet the most demanding requirements of the market.

So, with regard to your usage requirements, you can choose the most suitable bearing:

bearings entirely in steel: stainless steel – carbon steel – hardening steel

steel bearings with thermoplastic coatings (acetal resins – nylon 6 – nylon 66 – fibreglass-reinforced nylon – self-extinguishing nylon).

All types can be supplied with:

  • brass cage
  • steel cage
  • acetal resin cage

all in versions with ground, rolled or turned sliding tracks with 1 or 2 protection screens.

So please consult us for your every requirement or for more detailed information.

Always at your disposal for the study-design and suggested solutions for your problems.

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